As much as we enjoy talking to our customers we are often to be found toiling in the workshop carrying out tasks that make it difficult to stop off and answer the phone. This means that you may have to leave us a message or maybe email us to be sure of giving us all the details we need and we can then get back to you.
The technical bit

We are always pleased to receive artwork, photographs and images. You can email them to or large files can be submitted via an online dropbox.

It makes life easier for us if you submit the original digital artwork whether in image or vector form.

For the best quality reproduction please use one of the following programmes: -

Adobe Creativesuite  4 (or earlier); Photoshop (.psd);  Illustrator (.ai); tiff

Or we can accept :-

Jpeg (300dpi minimum) or PDF but the image may suffer loss of definition or crispness if we have to do any alterations like sizing or placement.

And for those of us who still think that a TIFF is a little marital disagreement  on a Saturday afternoon..

A hard copy can be posted to us.  We can also scan your paper artwork and manipulate it as required but this may result in a poorer quality image. If your artwork is on paper please ensure it is sent in a hard backed envelope to avoid creasing.

If you have any questions,  possible problems or challenges regarding artwork don’t be afraid to ask our in house designer Frieda, who is always happy to help.

Contact us

Please fill in our contact form or alternatively contact via the contact methods listed below.

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